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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

URBAN DECAY - Naked Basics

I'm so excited that Urban Decay has officially launched another beautiful palette, Naked 3!  Even though I absolutely adore shimmery shades, the Naked Basics has to be one of my favourite classics for me.

There are 6 different shades in Naked Basics, 5 matte and 1 fairly shimmery. I think that this palette is perfect for an everyday, neutral look. It kind of reminds me of the type of shades Lana Del Rey would use!


What I love about Naked Basics the most is how creamy matte the texture of the eyeshadows are. It makes it much more easier to apply. The pigmentation of these shadows are AMAZING. Especially 'Crave' in particular. In photos and in person it can look quite black, although if you look up-close you can tell its actually a very dark, deep brown.

I tend to use Faint in my crease alot! It's a great colour combination with ANY matte neutral shade and looks absolutely gorgeous when blended with other shades. It can also be used on the brows without looking too harsh.

Foxy, W.O.S, and Naked 2 are all perfect shades to use as a base, I think they all work well with any skintone. I find that I love Walk Of Shame the most for a base colour as it really stands out.

Venus is the only shimmery shade in the whole palette. I always use it on my tear ducts, as do every other person I know who owns this palette. It's truly a great shade to use there as it doesn't fade, it's not too shimmery and gives your eyes overall a completely different look! I think it compliments every skin complexion.


The packaging is perfect! It's much much smaller than the usual Naked palette's and can fit in my make-up bag just right. It also comes with a little mirror so it makes everything much easier when touching-up.


Urban Decay eyeshadows last a great time on the eyes when its paired with a great primer, and I'd give Naked Basics an 8/10 for how long it stays put. The reason why I'd say that is because I tend to reply often throughout the day, as well as having a bit of creasing. Other than that it's a lovely product.


The only thing I do not like about this palette is that Foxy is already included in the Naked 2 palette! I think it would've been better if they came up with a new shade.

Thanks for reading everyone, tell me what you think below and what you think of Naked 3!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Benetint and Posietint - BEST Cheek and Lip Stains

One of my favourite things about Benefit Cosmetics is the different tints they have! There's Benetint, which was the first product I ever brought from Benefit years ago, there's also Posietint and Cha-ChaTint. Although I haven't tried Cha-ChaTint, I've seen it countless times on YouTube makeup videos and it looks just as gorgeous as Bene and Posietint.

I am yet to try Cha-ChaTint but I decided to do a post and share my views on these two tints that I already have in particular because there are plenty of people who may be looking for other alternatives other than just powder blush, or just looking for something a lot more subtle.


As you can see above my product has practically ran out! Benetint is something I love to bring with me everywhere in my make up bag. If my face is looking slightly dull throughout the day I use this to immediately add on this beautiful, rosy radiance to my face. It doesn't appear overly rosy when applied to my skin, so my cheeks aren't left with such red cheeks or anything. I think it would suit nearly every complexion as it is gradually buildable, on the other hand I think Posietint is much more complimentary for people with a paler skin complexion.


This tint is much different to the original Benetint. Its much more pink and pigmented. But again, very subtle. I notice I don't have to keep on gradually applying Posietint because of it's slightly thicker consistency than Benetint. I'm starting to really fall in love with this particular tint and it's always a favourite of mine to apply to my cheeks whilst I'm in a rush and I want to brighten my face.
However, unlike Benetint I never apply this to my lips because in my opinion I find it way too bright for me, although it would suit people with a paler skin tone perfectly.

What I realise about these tints is that they are VERY handy. Instead of me having to bring a blush compact and blush brush around, I can just carry these cute little products with me. Above I have the travel sized versions, I've had the full size version of Benetint aswell before and it's still really portable and just great to carry around.
Next I really want to get the Cha-Cha tint as it is 'mango tinted' which I really think I'd instantly fall in love with!
What do you think of these cheek and lip stains?

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Beauty Myths Explained

I've heard so many stories about different beauty treatments or things we do that have a certain effect on our bodies. Through which I decided to research online and take the knowledge from some things I've experienced to determine whether these are myths or facts!

1. Chocolate and sweets cause breakouts. 

Neglecting your skin by constantly having a poor diet can definitely have a big impact on your skin, but this isn't to be mistaken with just eating chocolate. Chocolate surely won't cause you any break-outs.

2. Shaving makes hair grow back thicker. 

Shaving hair does not cause your hair to grow back thicker. Shaving doesn't have an effect on the thickness of your hair. Although if you're experiencing a prickly, stubbly feeling when you shave, it's just the razor cutting the hair straight across the shaft which causes the hair follicle to feel alot stiffer.

3. More gray hairs will grow back if you pluck one

You simply can't instantly grow 10 new gray hair follicles from plucking one. I decided to include this myth because I hear plenty of people talking about it all the time! If you're bothered about gray hair appearing, I'd suggest you visit your hairdresser to colour it for you.

4. Your phone can cause you to break out.

Using your phone doesn't exactly cause you to break out however it can have an effect on your skin if you don't clean off your screen regularly, as germs can gradually build up on your screen!

5. Drinking water can keep your skin from drying out

Many people have dry skin and they drink plenty of water a day. Surely drinking water will make your skin appear healthy and hydrated, but on the other hand it can't completely prevent you from your skin drying.

6. Constantly washing your face can get rid of acne.

This is a huge myth. Washing your face too frequently throughout the day can cause your skin's natural PH balance to change as you'll be stripping away your skin's natural oils. Stick to washing your face day and night, but also ensuring that you really give a deep, thorough cleanse!

7. Toothpaste can get rid of a zit.

This DEFINITELY worked with me! I do this everytime one appears on my face and it goes away the night after.
Toothpaste contain ingredients that dry out the skin, which causes the drying of the spots. However this might not work for everyone.

8. Brushing hair 100 times a day can cause it to become shiny.

Brushing hair too many times a day can actually make your hair strands fall out instead of making your hair become shinier. To make your hair shinier you could always try out a great, effective DIY mask!

9. You don't need sunscreen on cloudy/dull days

The suns UV rays are always out, even if it's a really cool temperature. Through which you always need to protect your skin no matter what.

10. Sleeping on your back can prevent wrinkles

As we grow older our skins elasticity won't be as firm and we would gradually get wrinkles anyway. however certain sleep positions can result in sleep lines which could possibly turn into deep-set wrinkles.

Thanks for reading, I hope these beauty myths have informed you on things you've always been curious about!
Please tell me what you think below x

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